Would it be considered stealing if you took back what was yours to begin with?

Answer Answer only if you let them have it.

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Is using an open network WiFi considered stealing or morally incorrect behavior?

I get WAY more bandwidth than I could ever use, so I don't secure my connection, even though I do know how to secure it.If you wanna piggy back on my yourself.But if I find that ... Read More »

Is it considered stealing if you are changing custody and you move all your belongings from your mother's house to your father's house?

Answer No, such action would be of a civil nature not a criminal one.

Is it considered "Stealing" to take railroad spikes from a railroad, please see more info before answer?

Technically yes.If it's on railroad property and it's obviously from the railroad then it belongs to them.Your already breaking the law by trespassing.

Why are lower back tattoos considered slu**y?

im only 18 an i have a butterfly next to my left hip an yes it may be near my vagina but so wat?that doesnt make me a slutit looks very femininebeing a slut depends on how many people u hav slept w... Read More »