Would it be better to have a professional install more memory in my pc?

Answer I totally understand being nervous about it. If you have never opened up your pc case and can afford to have it done by a professional, then I suggest you go to the professional. I will tell you ... Read More »

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Would it be better to get more hardrive or memory?

it depends on if you're gonna have lots of files like music, video, documents etc. if you want that then get an external hard drive. but if you're planning on running multiple programs at the same ... Read More »

Is a more expensive flash memory cards better?

The advantage of expensive flash memory cards is their faster downloading time compared with a normal-speed card. ( For example, if you are taking pictures in '.tiff' format , or taking many pictur... Read More »

How to Install More Memory in Windows XP?

Installing more memory in Windows XP is a helpful way to improve the performance of your computer. Laptops and desktops alike are designed for simple memory upgrades, although you must take care to... Read More »

What would be a reason to add more memory to a computer?

Doesn't really speed your rig up until you start running apps that require more ram. More like putting more gas in your gas tank. If your apps only require 1.5 Gbs then you aren't going to run any ... Read More »