Would it be alright to restore a cassette tape by placing scotch tape in between?

Answer Yeah, you can do that. I used to have a government job working with those large tape reels, and we were taught to splice the tape that way. Just line up both sides of the tape, cut it at a 45 deg... Read More »

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What is Scotch tape?

Scotch tape is an example of a genericized trademark, meaning people use it to talk about a class of product when it really refers to a specific manufacturer's product. The classic Scotch tape is t... Read More »

How is Scotch tape made?

Scotch tape is 3M's brand name of clear cellophane tape. The original Scotch tape adhesive formula included rubber, oils and resins. The current formula is a trade secret, but the general process i... Read More »

How is Scotch tape manufactured?

For centuries, gift givers secured their gift wrap with string or twine. This all changed in 1930 with the invention of Scotch tape. Scotch tape is the brand name for a type of transparent adhesive... Read More »

Is Scotch tape recyclable?

Scotch tape is recyclable--the list of recyclable household items gets longer every day. There are companies that sell recycled adhesive tape and paper is often recycled with bits of tape still att... Read More »