Would it be a sin to practice cannibalism in an emergency?

Answer No. I don't believe so. It's a matter of life or death. If you don't eat, then you won't survive. There are actual documented cases of disaster survivors practicing cannibalism. I don't recomm... Read More »

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Why would the emergency siren go off when its snowing?

I grew up in a town that used the air raid siren to announce when school was closed because of snow. This was a common practice in that part of New Jersey, I wondered what would happen if the Sovi... Read More »

If your speed typing how would you type "practice"?

When I took a touch typing class in school, I learned to use the left middle finger for C and the left index finger for T. Touch typing takes a bit of practice, but it's designed so that in the end... Read More »

What do you wish all pediatricians would realize and practice differently?

My wish is broad: that they'd give a disclaimer for any extranneous advice that it is their opinion, and that only. Extranneous as in car seats, crying it out, cosleeping, etc. Things that are not ... Read More »

I would like to practice self-flagellation but I'm too embarassed to go into an S&M shop to buy a whip?

Come on over here, baby. Mamma's got everything you need.