Would ihop be appropriate for a breakfast date?

Answer it depends what kind of date ! ihop is like a casual place

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Does IHop have any breakfast deals for 2?

IHOP really doesn't have any breakfast for two special going on currently. What i do know is that they do have pancake combos for like $7 which comes with eggs, hashbrowns and your choice of bacon,... Read More »

If you could date any celebrity, which one would it be and why Would you go all the way on the first date?

Kristen Bell(Veronica Mars)She's hot, she's Polish like me and she's a vegan like me.I'd go all the way anytime she wanted to..........

Would ihop accept me Im 15?

Unlikely.You could try for a work permit from your school, but I don't think Applebees is the kind of companythat would allow that. McDonalds or BK far more likely--

Would you rather eat at IHOP or Subways?

I would prefer IHOP. I wish I had one in my little town.