Would if you have three little sisters and you wish you were an only child?

Answer kill them

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As I get older will it be hard to maintain relationships with my brothers and sisters as good as they were when we were all little?

Truthfully, your relationship is going to get better, because your not constently with them.

Who were the main characters in the"Three Little Pigs"?

There are four main characters in the “Three Little Pigs” story. The protagonists consist of a pig that makes his home out of straw, a pig that uses sticks to build his home and a smart pig tha... Read More »

What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?

What a great question! When I was a little girl, my stuffed animals became my "students" on the weekends when my bedroom was magically transformed into my "classroom" and I, the kind and caring t... Read More »

If you could only have one child in your whole life, what would their name be?

Miranda Belle is beautiful. It's stunning, but diverse and eclectic in the old-fashioned Belle and modern Miranda. It can even be shortened to Randa Belle, which I think is gorgeous!Anyways, I li... Read More »