Would i look weird if i went jogging at 12 am?

Answer I dont know, I've gone for a run around that time and a cop stopped me and asked what I was running from and where i was going, but I also have bad luck with cops where I live, so It may not be wie... Read More »

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Would this look weird?

the hair color you want is so pretty! someone said your skin tone might be too dark for the hair color but i actually dont think your skin tone is that dark for it...i think it'll look really nice ... Read More »

Do you like jogging when was the last time you went for a little jog..?

aaarrrrrr! me'n espan golpe do the sack races matey. we trade peg legs in mid race. *hic* SAVVY! :P

Would it look especially odd if I went to "The Local" in Minneapolis by myself?

no it's not odd at all.i often dine at restaurants by myself and i see so many other guys or ladies that are also dining alone.they are normally doin something on their laptops or ipads or whatever... Read More »

Would i look weird if i were blonde (pic)?

blonde will look nice but not with that short hairstyle