Would i be hurt if my moniter implodes right in front of my face?

Answer your brain is fried... you will be fried and shredded when that thing goes boom and your house may catch on fire...but if you have to ask maybe you should wait and see...seriously tho... it wouldn'... Read More »

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Which one is the best CRT moniter or LCD moniter?

Depends on what you want it for.If you game alot, and you are leaning towards an LCD, make sure you get one with a very low response time. (You don't want things lagging)CRT's take up more room & g... Read More »

If you met some of the people that are rude to you on here, face-to-face, how would you react?

I have a stalker who likes to create new accounts when her old gets deleted. She's been following me around for a year telling me my sons look gay. It doesn't bother me. I do think it's sad that... Read More »

I need to get reading glasses.this is my face can you tell me what shape would suite my face?

Why do my front bottom teeth hurt?

It could be gum recession, which can happen at any age - it's where the gum slips down a little and exposes the sensitive part of the teeth. This can be fairly common on lower teeth and typically f... Read More »