Would i be able to work at ihop with working papers from the school?

Answer There's only one way to find out, call the individual IHOP you wish to work at, my hunch is no, because they are the busiest at Breakfast.--

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Do you need NY working papers if you live in NJ but are going to work in NYC?

You need to be certified to work in the state in which you will be working. You should contact the main public high school in the area in which you will be working to find out about their working ... Read More »

Does being a waitress get easier / Working at ihop?

It simply takes time. Just make sure you write everything down, double check, and don't be afraid to ask other employees. iHop is easy too, just a lot of running around

How old do you have to be to work at ihop?

Do i need working papers in new york if im 18?

No you do not. You are an Adult now. Congratulations!