Would hospitals and doctors go bankrupt if everyone became a Vegetarian?

Answer Why be Vegetarian?There are so many good reasons for being veg{etari}an (health, animals, the environment) that a better question might be, "Why NOT be vegetarian?"When you can easily...significant... Read More »

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If I became a vegetarian would it actually make a difference?

The current number of animals bred and raised for food is estimated on the demand. Abot 50 billion animals are slaughtered every year for food to feed 6 billion people. By switching to a veggie die... Read More »

Would my stomach shrink since i have became a full vegetarian?

Try to eat a little bit more each day. It must have shrunk because you were eating smaller quantities, that's all. Remember all herbivores have a BIG stomach... so it has nothing to do with becomin... Read More »

What would happen if everyone was a vegetarian?

Here's the real-life scenario of what probably is going to happen over the next 50-100 years:As people realize veganism is physically healthier and morally/ethically right, the veg*n population wil... Read More »

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, would everyone be a vegetarian?

Actually no. Where I live, animals are slaughtered in public markets, no walls at all. You can buy live goats, chickens, fish/seafood, ducks, even the occasional "exotic" animal such as snakes, tur... Read More »