Would hospitals and doctors go bankrupt if everyone became a Vegetarian?

Answer Why be Vegetarian?There are so many good reasons for being veg{etari}an (health, animals, the environment) that a better question might be, "Why NOT be vegetarian?"When you can easily...significant... Read More »

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How much do doctors make at VA hospitals?

Veterans Affairs hospital doctors’ salaries depend on the physician’s specialty and location of the hospital. For example, a nephrologist (kidney specialist) in Augusta, Maine, makes at least $... Read More »

Do doctors that work at hospitals actually act like the people on Grey's Anatomy?

I'm sure there is a lot of "hankie pankie" going on. Let's hope things are a little more professional in an actual hospital setting where there are sick people who need the doctor's and nurses car... Read More »

Anyone knows where can I find a list of the best glaucoma specialists/doctors in London. private doctors only.?

just use the yellow pages or whatever the equivilant of the yellow pages is in england

Is it disturbing that doctors and wanna be doctors hang out in the alternative section....?

Very well said. Yes, it is extremely disturbing. The agenda is to discredit natural healing. This does a disservice to those seeking answers, probably impeding their healing. They not only disc... Read More »