Would having a baby at an early age ruin your life?

Answer No. It would change your life. Every decision that you make in life has the potential to ruin or enhance your life. A baby is the most special thing that can happen to someone. It will bring challe... Read More »

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Did having a baby improve your life?

My life is now complete now that i have my too beautiful girls. It has improved my life completly, i used to get so lonely and depressed but now i have my girls to keep me going. If it wasn't for t... Read More »

In what way did having a baby change your life?

I would have to put it this way – creating a child is something that is pretty much indescribable. People always say “love at first site” isn’t true or doesn’t exist—I’d have to say t... Read More »

Your first baby was three days early what are the chances your second will be early you are 34 weeks gone?

Answer There's no way to predict it. Every pregnancy is totally different. You can be early and then be late for all the rest.and anyway 3 days early is not early at all, that is why it is called ... Read More »

How to Avoid Letting Cats Ruin Your Love Life?

Although cats are fabulous animals and make great pets, many people just don't like cats! If you're wondering what's with the fizzle in your love life as the cat takes up residence on your lap, con... Read More »