Would having a TV and computer on,in the same room, be a bad idea?

Answer no

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Do you think a 13 yr old with a laptop or computer in her room with internet is a good idea?

NO!In fact, ANY computer in the house with Internet access should be kept in an open, "public" area of the home. That keeps everyone honest and it won't look as if you don't trust your daughter.A l... Read More »

Is it a good idea or bad idea to leave your computer on all the time_?

I have a server and my computer. Both are left on 24/7 unless I go on vacation. just reboot them occasionally.It is not possible to "waste" electricity. you either use it or do not use it.I am a IT... Read More »

My idea for my room!?

I think That sounds like a great idea! the colors will look very cute together and the words & bible verse will make your room unique :] plus very creative!

Do you think this is a girly idea for my room?

i think that sounds sooooo awesome. not girly at all. um do you know any girls with a black room? i didn't think so. anyways, you listen to great bands. i'm pro your room, but if you turn over to r... Read More »