Would ejaculation harm the pregnancy?

Answer Sex during pregnancy, with or without ejaculation, is harmless. Just take care not to squeeze the pregnant tummy too much. In the late stages, the Missionary position is probably not ideal. Explor... Read More »

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How can a girl prevent pregnancy after ejaculation without seeing a doctor?

Answer If you are over 18 you can get Plan B, an emergency contraceptive at your local Walmart or CVS or even a planned pregnancy location, and you need to get that ASAP.

Is it possible to become pregnant from genital rubbing if no ejaculation takes place and the male has urinated multiple times since his last ejaculation?

Bo you cannot become pregnant because there has been no ejaculation there fore no sperm has entered the effected area

How come the wikipedia entry on male ejaculation has pictures but the entry on female ejaculation doesn't?

Because wikipedia admins don't know any women.

Would a orgasm harm the pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse should be avoided very late in the pregnancy, or if your physician advises against it in your particular case. However, an orgasm itself will not harm a fetus.