Would either of these two option be great for gaming?

Answer The first combination is better, because:1) Gaming performance is 70% graphics card and 30% CPU2) For gaming CPUs, clock speed is more important than the number of cores3) Most games don't even ful... Read More »

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POLL: It's a Friday night & u can watch either one of these two movies. Which one would u choose?

Which of these monitors would be best for gaming ?

Alienware product always made for gaming its best known. i would go with alienware buddy

Would a laptop with these specs be good for gaming?

For gaming...CPU,GPU,RAM and HDD is very important for hardcore gamers. But as i can see your hardware in computer its very good for gaming... if still face problems then upgrade GPU to 2 gb... Tha... Read More »

If i built a computer with these parts, would it be good for gaming?

Ignore the people telling you to get a new processor, it's not necesary. 95% of games need a good GPU and an average CPU and thats a plenty good CPU, it will work fine, im using an athlon x3 450 3.... Read More »