Would drinking the Schweppes Soda Water makes you fat or any other health issues ?

Answer the only way you would gain any fat from soda water is becdause you are adding sugar to it

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If I stop drinking soda and just drink water would I lose weight ?

Hey there Chelsea!Water helps clean you're body and drinking soda doesn't help that much at all. It is advised to drink clean water at least a glass a day.If you actually want to lose weight you sh... Read More »

Will drinking 1 cup of Schweppes a day make my Butt Bigger?

In your opinion if soda was called carbonated water instead of soda how much effect would that have?

They can't call soda carbonated water becasue carbonated water is carbonated water. This is the same as saying "in your opinion if kool aid was called water instead of kool aid how much effect woul... Read More »

Drinking no water but soda for 24 hours , dehydration?

Drinking water is so important for hydrating the body and for maintaining the overall well functioning of different body systems and organs. You should never substitute drinking water which is pret... Read More »