Would developers still develop software if they weren't paid?

Answer Your initial premise is flawed. Things are not as clear cut is you imagine....… would ... Read More »

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Would developers see a larger profit if they didn't clear-cut subdivision plots before construction?

In the UK there is a blanket area Tree Preservation Order that is put on mature trees when any planning application is made. The problem with this is that until it is applied the land owner, withou... Read More »

What Do Land Developers Get Paid?

Land developers locate and purchase real estate property, increase its value and sell the result to others. Many developers are self-employed; others work as salaried employees of home builders, pr... Read More »

I bought a condo unit but it turned out that the unit was rewarded to the grandchildren of the owner and they are still minors. i paid for it but they can't transfer the title to me. what will i do?

Regardless of the real estate property that you purchased, if the 'reward'-of-the-property document was appropriately filed with the county real estate records of ownership, this cloud should have ... Read More »

Do the president and Cabinet members still get paid once they leave office?

Former presidents receive a pension equal to the current salary of Cabinet members. As of March 2008, an outgoing president will receive an annual pension of $191,300. Cabinet members get a pension... Read More »