Would anyone recommend living in santa monica?

Answer I recommend Santa Monica. Lots of shops and places to walk to. Near the beach. A bit pricey but always something to do. I like the Deli at the end of the 3rd street promenade, its great for peo... Read More »

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Does anyone know about the Clare Foundation in Santa Monica, Ca?

The Clare Foundation is a small chain of recovery homes that works like any other recovery facility. They have classes during the day, individual counseling, and the 12 Step program implemented int... Read More »

How to Live in Your Car in Santa Monica?

This article is for those who must live in their car, especially in Santa Monica. Although this may be an unfortunate time for you, the tips in this article will help you make the best of it until ... Read More »

Which airport is near santa monica?

The closest airport to Santa Monica, California, is the one that is situated within Santa Monica itself. The Santa Monica Municipal Airport is located on Donald Douglas Loop South and is comprised... Read More »

Is the santa monica pier a good place for a date ?

Yes I Say Its A Great Place For A Date. Theres A Small Theme Park At The Peir With Rides and Games and Then Theres The Beach Part.