Would anyone pay this much money for the following Foods/drinks List inside->?

Answer Yowee Scooter, if I add them all up, I could have Ramen Noodles the rest of my life.I hope those who can afford those choices at least lick their plates clean.The coffee mentioned above isn't somet... Read More »

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Top 10 baby names for 2011 released. Agree or disagree with the list List inside->?

BOYS:Jacob - 9/10 - Very handsome name, and will age well. Deserving of its top spot.Mason - 2/10 - I don't get the appeal, as it makes me picture fat bullies, but it's not unusable or anything. It... Read More »

Why is my directv list not working (More info inside.)?

Your remote has lost the address programming for that receiver. Consult the DirecTV manuals to see how to re-program that.

Which Omelet from this list would you choose Details inside->?

They all sound delicious! I love omelettes! But if I had to choose one, I would choose...C) Veggie Omelette ★☾Goodnight Scooter ☾★

How do I delete all items inside of a list box in Visual Basic?

Creating a ListboxClick "New Project" in Visual Basic and click "OK." Click the control labeled "Listbox" in the toolbox on the left side of the screen and drag it into the work space in the center... Read More »