Would anyone like to shine my star?

Answer yer i shone ur star! can u chose my answer as the best??

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What is the source of energy that enables a main sequence star to shine?

The main source of energy for main sequence stars is nuclear fusion, which is the creation of helium from hydrogen. Fusion occurs within the core of a star. All stars that are classified as main se... Read More »

How do you shine combat boots if the factory shine is still on?

A fresh combat boot from factory can be shine to a higher shine, but it'll be troublesome in the future, as the layer will get crack because the nourishing layers did not absorb into the boots. How... Read More »

How to Beat the Star Destroyer Mini Game in Star Wars the Force Unleashed?

The Star Destroyer mini game in Star Wars the Force Unleashed is easy, once you know how to beat it. Follow these steps and you can beat it quickly on any difficulty.

Which star of Heroes in the new Star Trek movie plays the new Captain Spock?

Zachary Quinto, who plays Sylar, is Spock in the new movie.