Would anybody like some toast?

Answer Only if you promise not to burn it

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I have a brown sofa and would like to find a wall color that doesn't clash would like some ideas.?

You would like to talk to people in South Afrika that has an interest in chillies and would like to swop some seedlings or seed with you?

I have used/cooked in melmac plates/bowls most of my life... in a microwave. I use and buy melmac to this day! Can you microwave in it... yes ....I do it all the time.....BUT, I have had only 5 pie... Read More »

I am going to make some hot chocolate would you like some?

I would love some hot chocolate Deb, Thank you. cadburys please,you are very kind my friend. Have a nice evening. (HUGS).

Anybody here in the area of Appelton Wisconsin that would possible like to get to know me better?

You're worth a trip there. But why did you have to pick such a remote place, instead of growing up near New York or whatever. :p