Would any espresso machine be worth buying (in your opinion) for $3000?

Answer Well if you have an extra 3000 bucks to burn on an espresso machine that's up to you... If I was spending 3000 for an espresso machine it would be because I'm opening up an espresso shop :) if you ... Read More »

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What is the procedure for making espresso with a Krups espresso machine?

Depending on the Krups model you have, the process of making espresso will vary slightly, though the basic procedure will remain the same: Grind, fill, tamp and steam. Espresso is the traditional w... Read More »

How to Make an Espresso (Espresso Machine Coffee)?

Coffee....Espresso is a single shot of coffee from an espresso machine. Making "good" espresso is an art form, and needs much research and practice to develop the best results. This is only a very ... Read More »

How to Make Froth for Espresso Without an Espresso Machine?

How to make a stiff, melted ice cream-like froth for cappuccino by using one of those little battery-operated drink whisking gizmos.

What is an espresso machine for?

An espresso machine is an appliance that is used especially for making espresso, a concentrated coffee drink. Unlike common drip machines that distill coffee from a mixture of hot water and coffee ... Read More »