Would an old AT&T phone still work today?

Answer i dont think u shud risk it

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My cell phone fell in the toilet.... would it still work?

First put the battery outnext, put it next to a hands dryer or you hair dryer... Let it 24hrs without turning it on, tomorrow, go put the battery back again to the place and without turning it on c... Read More »

If a mobile phone fell into a swimming pool ,would it still work?

I put my boyfriends phone in the washing machine.......didn't realise it was still in his jeans till i hung them up.and if still work once it had dried out

Would Ulysses s grant still be a republican today?

If I don't have Cell phone service, will 911 still work on my cell phone It's a US Cellular phone.?

911 should work on any cell phone whether or not you have service.