Would an ice pack take the sting away from a sun burn?

Answer It you take a really cold washcloth and put it on the sunburn, it will literally take away the heat from the burn which should take away the stinging. You will notice that the wash cloth will becom... Read More »

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How to Take the Sting out of a Burn?

This method will help you alleviate a burning sensation.

If I cut out sugar from my diet, how long would it take for the sweet cravings to go away?

okay heres go my answear for you...i was diagonised with type 2 diabettes and became insulin dependent....that was back in june of this year...i dont think your'e sweet cravings ever go away, its a... Read More »

If a pet shop closed down, then reopened 3 months later as a Chinese take away, would you eat from there?

Now these are the kind of questions I like!!!Tha' one's that make you Not if I knew that previously. If I ate there and found out later... I would probably sto... Read More »

I burned my finger... how do I take the burn away..... more details...?

run under cool not cold water. Then cover with a dry sterile dressing. Go to doctor if you get signs of infection. The medication the person above me is trying to think of is called Silverdine. It ... Read More »