Would an administrator please report this wikipedia article change someone made?

Answer The page looks ok now. next time, please report Wikipedia issues on Wikipedia itself ;) Thanks!

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Why would someone post this on Wikipedia?

I didn't get it too. I didn't lol though :)But I lolled at that Celtic fan :)BQ:I don't have a favorite page. I rarely go there to have some I just clicked on random page and I found this.h... Read More »

Can someone create a Wikipedia article for me?

you can start by looking at the code of an article for another artist, to get an idea of how it's laid outfor starters, the article will most likely begin with a template named Infobox · this will... Read More »

My Wikipedia article has not deleted past 7 days, wikipedia will delete my article?

'Some warning message' is pretty vague. Follow the instructions on the warning template to find out what to do. If it is a deletion template, it could be any of four different types:* PROD (propose... Read More »

Please write a Wikipedia article about me?

Are you looking forward to being the next Marvel Superhero? (:I don't know how to use Wikipedia, but I could probably figure it out, this may be fun.I'll come back and edit this answer if I can.ED... Read More »