Would an HDTV support a blue ray format?

Answer Yes

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Do all HDTV support PS3?

Any working HDTV will work with your PS3. The level of maximum quality will differ however depending on the quality of your TV. Also you will need to own an HDMI cable to output to your HDTV in HD.

Do you need a blue ray player to watch a blue ray disc or only a hdtv with an ordinary DVD player?

You must have a Blue Ray player to play Blue Ray disks because it is a completely different format than DVD even though the disks look similar. This is similar to asking whether you can play DVDs i... Read More »

Do DVRs support HDTV or Dolby Digital?

DVRs Support HDTV and DD?Generally, yes. HDTV and dolby digital are widely used, therefore the DVR capability is available.Additional info for the United States - some cable companies (Comcast, Tim... Read More »

What is the difference between playing a Blue Ray Disk and playing a Blue Ray format file on computer?

well technically its the same depending on how it was ripped. if its the actual blue ray dvd files and is true in size the thing would be massive. chances are its a mkv file format which is the sta... Read More »