Would a wood bat hit better than an aluminum bat?

Answer On One Hand: Weight Advantages of WoodThe U.S. Department of Energy's "Ask a Scientist" website reports that wood bats are typically heavier than aluminum bats, making their potential for powerful ... Read More »

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Do wood or aluminum bats work better?

Multiple studies have shown that aluminum bats outperform wooden bats, allowing the ball to leave the bat an average of 8 miles per hour faster, allowing it to travel further. Aluminum bats are hol... Read More »

Would Plasma TV be a better choice than LCD TV?

I think there are two factors here: First is size, generally plasma is available in larger sizes than LCD, and second is what you watch: plasma has a faster reaction time so sports seem clearer t... Read More »

Would a tv work better than a monitor for my computer?

No, you'll find that TVs give a slightly blurred image as they're designed for videos, not text. A monitor is much more pixel precise for up-close viewing.

Would the Canon Legria FS306 be better quality than the iPhone 5?

Add more light. Use the white balance (either manual or the presets). Capture at highest quality.The FS300 and FS306 are essentially identical... Link to the manual:White balance: Page 50.Video qua... Read More »