Would a veg*n mom give her baby formula or breastfeed?

Answer I am a vegan. When I had my child, a healthy baby boy who weighed 8 pounds and was 22 inches long, I made a decision to breast feed. This went wonderfully for about two weeks but then he began to f... Read More »

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Is it possible to breastfeed a baby after a month of not being breastfeed?

Yes, if you still have milk in your breasts and if the baby still wants to nurse.

Breastfeed vs. Formula!?

Nipple!Inverted? It's a flipple.Milk straight up. Not from a factory...Fart in my dinner, it's all olfactory.Areola's gone dark.Erect tower of milk in my park.She's so gangsta'.

Which is better - to be a smoker and breastfeed, or to formula feed?

I am a smoker and a breastfeeding mother, I do think that any breast milk is better than formula even though I know my little one is getting a little nicotine. I did do my research when I decided t... Read More »

Hypothetical question: If formula was better than breastmilk - would you still breastfeed?

I think I'd do half and half...I enjoy breastfeeding most of the time. I know it's not necessary for bonding (my first was formula fed), but it is a little experience that's just for us, mum and ba... Read More »