Would a screen protector fix the three lines on my kindle fire screen?

Answer Three lines? Sounds like it has some damage that would need actual fixing- or replacing the screen.A screen protector won't fix this, but will protect from future damage.

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Is it possible to take screen shots with my kindle fire?

Sure.Here is a helpful sight.…

I have three colored lines on the screen of my Dell Laptop?

These are likely a corruption in the video card or the screen.If you are able to get the screen, you can probably have Circuit City replace the screen (for about $60 or their current general troubl... Read More »

Computer Screen my screen is jumping and has lines across it can anyone fix this?

Try using another screen. If the problem still persists your graphics card is probably broken.

What would cause arched lines across the screen of a Sony projection TV?

Arched Lines on a TV This is 1 of 2 problems.1; Convergence(depending on the model of sony, the convergence ic's will have cold solder joints)2: vertical ic issues.If they are different colored lin... Read More »