Would a school nurse be able to tell me if I have scoliosis?

Answer Yes. Curvature of the spine is easy to detect as long as your not obese.

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I am a full-time student and have my car and renter's insurance in the state I go to school in. Would I be able to renew my car registration from the previous state I lived in?

As long as you have an address in that state, it should be fine. You're renewing, not filing a new registration.

Would the dentist be able to tell that I am an occasional smoker *10 points?

Yes. There are others indicators than teeth coloration that indicate that you smoke. Your breath, no matter how much you smoke, or how much you brush will give you away. So will your tongue, tonsil... Read More »

Can the nurse at school tell you to take all your clothes off and lay in the corner?

No they should not tell you to do this at all. If you were alone or unhappy with this nurse when this happened then you should report it immediately.

Can any1 tell me which digital camera is best for photography..i would be able to shel out 20,000 for that ...?

depends on what you want, where you're located and how much exactly you're willing to spend on accessorizing the you go, as a general set of things to consider:01. format: do you want a ... Read More »