â™¥ Would a pinched nerve cause a headache accompanied by ...?

Answer I have no idea. I think you need some RC lovin...

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What to do about headache accompanied by nausea?

go see a doctor!!!! by the sound of it, it could be a brain clot or something

Help!!! Pinched nerve!!!!!?

You can reduce the pain from the pinched nerve by gently massaging the painful area with oil.


yes, nerve interference is often responsible for circulatory problems to the brain which can cause dizziness. see an hio method chiropractor. just heard from a young adult with a history of vision ... Read More »

Cockatiel With Pinched Nerve?

A pinched nerve in a cockatiel can be difficult for a bird owner to diagnose. Because a more serious injury can be mistakenly diagnosed as a pinched nerve, it is important to seek veterinarian advi... Read More »