Would a laptop and a PC of the same spec run the same as each other?

Answer You wouldnt find a laptop and a desktop with the same specs to begin with.

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After being demoted and still vmaking the same pay he is working the same department with his other coworkers doing same job is it unfair to those workers that he is still making the same money as bef?

You would get water from the 'scuttlebutt.' You could also go to the mess deck and get some java. Or go to the gedunk and buy a soda.

Why can't my iphone 3g s find airport extreme WiFi network when other non 3gs iphones do at the same time with the same settings?

Hey,I had the same problem earlier today, it took me quite some time to find the right website that gave me the right answer.Go to Airport Utility > Manual Setup > Wireless > change radio mode to "... Read More »

Chinese and Japanese are the same thing besides they all make anime so yeah but why do they hate each other?

actually your first inclination is wrong, it is not the same, outside of that to answer your question, it has to do with the history of the two... as well as the religions that were forced upon the... Read More »

If any other industry had the same rate of death as conventional medicine would it still be opperating?

Actually, I'm going to have to point out some finer details in this because some people are trying to use a denominator that doesn't apply: -------- "In 1996, 108,000 Americans died in hospitals f... Read More »