Would a hyper polyglot glossolalia of 21 times 5 be the worlds greatest hyper polyglot five times the native dance hand sign form pure hand only letter form music forms vocal instrumental?

Answer Vogon Poetry is not allowed on this site; as it could cause someone to chew off their leg in order to slide under their computer desk and escape.See related links.

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My left hand goes numb several times a day,out of no where,why It takes about 3 to 4 min. to go away.?

This sounds like carpal tunnel. Most people I know that type a lot our use their hands doing something repeatedly in the same motion experience numbness or a tingling sensation, like when you foot ... Read More »

Directions for How to Form Hand Shadow Puppets?

No one knows exactly the first shadow-and-hand puppet was created. The website guesses that shadow puppets probably originated during the time of cavemen: "...the people living d... Read More »

Your daughter has Brachial plexus.she moves her hand and fingers but cant bend her arm or raise her hand.she is starting to try to lift her arm and shrugs her shoulder is this a good sign?

GeekIsLuv says,Has seizures? No... no, I don't think that's common. I don't know any three year olds that have seizures frequently. I'd see a doctor or something about that; I can't find any inform... Read More »

Can pure gold be molded with the human hand?

Pure gold is so soft that it can be molded by hand. To be considered pure gold, the gold must be graded as 24 karat. Even pure gold may contain a small amount of copper.Source:Random Facts: 50 Rand... Read More »