Would a Radeon graphics card work for a laptop?

Answer On One Hand: Integrated VideoRadeon graphics are available in laptops using the ATI Mobility Radeon video processors. These chips are integrated onto the motherboard and can provide excellent perfo... Read More »

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Will viva pinata run on an AMD Radeon HD 6520G video card and AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon HD Graphics cpu?

Its an old game, and I doubt it maxed out systems back then.the 6520g is about equal to cards of that time, so it should run it.Just make sure you have enough RAM.

Can you use a Nvidia graphics card& also a Radeon card in the same computer?

ATI and Nvidia cards cannot be used simultaneously in the same computer. Two identical Nvidia cards can be linked together with SLI technology, which is not supported by ATI. ATI uses Crossfire to ... Read More »

How to Update a Radeon Graphics Card?

Updating your Radeon card can provide crucial software patches and fixes for your graphics card. The best part about downloading and installing new drivers for Radeon graphics cards is that the upd... Read More »

How to Overclock Your Mobility Radeon Graphics Card?

Overclocking your laptop's Mobility Radeon graphics card (GPU) is inherently dangerous and typically offers little performance advantage. The increase in heat output from overclocking your GPU ofte... Read More »