Would You Ever Go Out on Crutches for Fun?

Answer Yeah! Ive done it. In case I ever hurt myself I would be all set! I used to use them as stilts too! One time, and I know its not cool but my friends was playing in a wheelchair and we were pushing ... Read More »

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What crutches would chose to use fore arm crutches or auxillary?

Do you have an injury which requires the use of crutches?Elbow crutches are easier to use.

How to Use Crutches?

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Do You Think Crutches Could Be Fun?

They hurt my under arms, I really don't like them.

How to Get on a Bus With Crutches?

Are you on crutches? If you are, then the following article will help you learn how to get on a bus. Getting on buses with crutches can be very difficult and dangerous. Here are a few steps on how ... Read More »