Would You Ever Go Out On Crutches Just to See What it's Like?

Answer yes i took my friends crutches and went to mall with them it was fun but i would never want to be stuck on them forever!!!!

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Would You Ever Go Out on Crutches for Fun?

Yeah! Ive done it. In case I ever hurt myself I would be all set! I used to use them as stilts too! One time, and I know its not cool but my friends was playing in a wheelchair and we were pushing ... Read More »

What crutches would chose to use fore arm crutches or auxillary?

Do you have an injury which requires the use of crutches?Elbow crutches are easier to use.

My girl friend doesn't like having sex and she barley ever feels like dong it with me and just hates sexx?

She needs to go to counselling, it honestly feels like she had sexual abuse which could be mentally blocking her into not liking it, It can extremely destroy any desire, I would be very supportive ... Read More »

What else would feel just like fetal movement other than gas?

Answer I am 18 weeks pregnant and feel my baby on again off again. Mine feels like popcorn popping inside or like something flicking the inside of your lower abdomen right below you belly button. ... Read More »