Would YOU know what to do in the event of a zombie attack?

Answer Act the zombie, bite people u dislike and touch the women u do

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What's your survival plan in the event of a zombie holocaust?

Proudly wearing my badge for 5 years now. Below my basement, I've been working on my Zombie shelter. The room is 32'x32' with the northwest corner built over an underground freshwater stream. This ... Read More »

How is zombie babby formed How zombie girl get pragnent?

They need way do zombofried mothras. Who eat their babbys. I am truely sorry for your lots.

How do you get a zombutterfly with the zombie pot in zombie farm?

One ZomBEE + one zombotanist in zombie pot gives chance to get zombutterfly. ZomBEE + garden zombie or ZomBEE + flower zombie Probably works too.

What is the zombie camera for in zombie farm?

It gets you 100 coins everyday that you take a picture, but you only get coins once a day. There are also tasks that require you to take photos to get exp