Would US coins make good battery electrodes?

Answer AnswerNot really, no. The current copper clad zinc penny makes a fantastic (and dangerous) shorted cell battery, causing rapid boiling of its electrolyte! Don't let your toddlers swallow these pen... Read More »

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What is a good scanner for scanning coins?

If you don't want to invest too much and still get a very good scanner, get the HP - 3110. It can scan up to 9600 dpi which is more than what you will need to scan coins. 600 dpi is already a good ... Read More »

Does anyone know any good web tutorials on how to make a working battery icon for iPhone in adobe flash CS5?

It may cost $1000-$1700 in the US but in the Qatar it may cost Dh3500-Dh-4000 and if in the Philippines it cost P50000-P60000

How to Separate Canadian Coins from American Coins?

Ever had a big box of coins that you wanted to use, but had both Canadian and American currency in it? This guide will show you an easy way to separate them.

How to Make Old Coins Look New?

Cleaning old coins is fairly easy. It is an overnight process though.