Would Randalls, Kroger, or HEB have the best selection of Asian foods?

Answer I would figure out how to get to an oriental market. Better selection and so much more authentic, Of th ones you listed - probably Kroger or they could order it,@ To the answer about Whole Foods ... Read More »

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Kenmore dishwasher model No 3022 16022991 and my instruction book does not explain the function of the selection Smart Wash Would you please tell me what that selection means?

The Walker Brothers invented the first electric dishwasher in 1913.

Best asian haircut that would suit me(Pic included)?

Upload your photo to test on some hairstyles - haircut generator !

Types of Asian Foods & Drinks?

Over thousands of years, just as economic, political and social history led to the development of thousands of distinct Asian languages and cultures, thousands of distinct Asian cuisines have flour... Read More »

How old do you have to be to work at Kroger?

At the store I work at you can work at 14 with a worker's permit. It isn't preferable though to hire 14 & 15 year olds because there are so many restrictions on what hours and how many hours they c... Read More »