Would Kchip cover getting braces if I'm 18?

Answer I don't think they will cover your braces. You could try to find an orthodontist that is willing to work out a payment plan.

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Would i be getting braces?

It sounds like your top teeth are worse than your bottoms, but I would say it sounds like you would need them. However, not being an orthodontist or being able to see your teeth, I can't tell you ... Read More »

Would masshealth insurance cover the braces?

Yes, with prior authorization and a determination of medically necessary (ie. not purely cosmetic). A MassHealth dentist/orthodontist can help with the process. Good luck. It's not a quick and easy... Read More »

What would you do in celebration of getting your braces off after four years?

Fast food!!!! :-) Big Mac.. Chicken Royal... KFC popcorn chicken..Jam with fruity bits in it on toast.And lots of time looking in the mirror and smiling! :-) Have fun!!

For people with braces!Does it hurt getting braces?

Yes a little, 15-20 mins after you get them on you will probably experience mild to moderate soreness that will last a few days. Eating hard/solid foods is near impossible for the first couple days... Read More »