Would I notice a difference with a isolation plinth?

Answer It helps to know what your trying to accomplish and the best way to approach isolation. The spikes going through the carpet and onto the concrete subfloor allows the subwoofer to be both coupled t... Read More »

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Can u notice a difference between...?

INTERMEDIATE user will notice difference with SSD?

Does anyone notice a big difference in Sandisk Ultra II and III?

For the consumer usage you will not notice much of a difference. The biggest place that the speed difference will show up is when you are taking many pictures in a short amount of time and then wri... Read More »

When you lose weight, do you notice a difference in your face as well?

Yes,you will, my sister was 111 pounds,at 5"5,and even though she only went to 97 pounds, I still noticed a change in her face, legs, arms, stomach, everything!