Would I lose my data on my PS3 if I do a system rebuild or a file restore?

Answer No

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Will i lose all of my data if i restore my pc?

Depends how you mean restore.If rolling back to a prior restore point you will only lose anything installed since that date.If completely reinstalling operating system then you will lose everything... Read More »

Does doing a system restore cause loss of data?

Performing a system restore indeed causes a loss of data. It reverts your system to a previous state. Therefore, when you revert to a previous state, system files and other data are reverted as wel... Read More »

Where is system restore data stored?

Windows system restore files and data are stored on the C:\ root drive in "My Computer." After accessing the C:\ drive, you must double-click on "System Volume Information" and "SystemRestore." Mod... Read More »

How do i perform a "system restore" on my PC To retrive lost data?

System Restore will not get that data back. You will need specialized software to retrieve it and even then you may not get it back.