Would I look good with bangs?

Answer Sounds like a good idea. And with the glasses you'll look like a hipster.

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Would bangs look good on me?

Yeah I think they would look good! If you want them, then get them. You can always grow them out if you don't like it. But I think most hairstyles would suit you, you have an oval face which suits ... Read More »

Would i look good if i dye my hair blonde or leave it the same and get straight bangs (pic included)?

DON'T GO BLONDE. You have such a nice color!! If you insist on dying it, get dark brown highlights. I think that the camilla belle bangs would look really pretty :-)

How to Tell If You Look Good With Bangs?

Bangs can be a dramatic or subtle change to your hairdo, depending on the style you are going for. You can tell whether or not you would look good in bangs based on the shape of your face and the s... Read More »

Will bangs look good on me?