Would I look better with long hair?

Answer I would say yes to extensions because long hair is really cute and DON'T dye your hair! The color is beautiful!

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Do girls look better with long hair or short hair?

Do I look better with short hair or long hair?

Short hair makes you look cleaner, younger and healthier. Not to mention attractive. Go for short!!

Do i look better with short or long hair?

Wow they cut lots of hair! I like both, but i'm leaning more towards the long hair....just because i like long hair. but you are really rockin the short hair and it makes your eyes stand out more :)

Do girls look better with long hair?

stop obsessing with your looks and just do what feels right....Men like women who are confident and proud of their will find a lot of guys who like girls just for the looks...but tho... Read More »