Would I feel anythig after having sex for the first time?

Answer The need to do it again.

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Is there anythig I can do or eat/not eat so my teeth can stop moving?

ask your dentist. they would know best. I bet if you google it, someone has a site on that also. If they did not give you and restrictions when they were put on, I assume you are ok to eat anythin... Read More »

Watering your yard. Best in Morning Best in evening Tell me why you feel your time is the best time?

MASTER GARDENER WITH THE ONLY HORTICULTURAL SOUND REASON TO IRRIGATE IN THE MORNING.powdery mildew (10 different types)downy mildewbrown rotgray moldphytophthora brown rotblack spotwhite moldshot h... Read More »

How to Be and Feel Beautiful All the Time?

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What does it feel like to become pregnant - especially the first time?

Some would say it is a wonderful feeling finding out you are pregnant ..well it's not a bad feeling..but with me I was scared and thrilled all at the same time!!! (you don't actually feel anything ... Read More »