Would I be able to use a Radeon 4890 GPU in my computer?

Answer As long as your pc has a 16x PCI-E slot then it should work. As for ram I would reccomend buying it of the crucial website. Use the system scanner to find what ram is compatible with your system. G... Read More »

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How Would I Be Able To Plug My Wii Into My Computer Monitor?

Yes you can do this with a converter. RCA (Or component) to VGA (or DVI) depending on what you have.

How would I be able to access the HD of a friends computer over the internet?

The safe way to go, is to get an FTP account. That way you can upload a bunch of files that he wants, and you can upload a bunch of files that you want. Then either of you can do downloads when... Read More »

Why would you not be able to develop pictures from a memory card if you can see the images on your computer and camera?

Answer Some cameras require that you save the picture to the card. If you don't save them the picture can be seen in the camera or even if the camera is plugged in to the computer.

Would i be able to someway hack into a verizon iphone 4 that i found and be able to use it?

You need to do a restore on the phone to erase the data on it, then no one will be able to track it, except by serial number, and only by the police if you decided to pawn it or some such stupid t... Read More »