Would I be able to use a MicroSD card in an SD converter with my Digital Camera?

Answer Yes you can, with the appropriate adapter.

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Can any1 tell me which digital camera is best for photography..i would be able to shel out 20,000 for that ...?

depends on what you want, where you're located and how much exactly you're willing to spend on accessorizing the you go, as a general set of things to consider:01. format: do you want a ... Read More »

Do you know any good converter that would make my video from digital camera High Quality?

a program I always use is ImTOO Studio. works pretty well for me. no complicated settings or annoying popups. lots of formats to choose from, too. simple interface and really fast conversion. it ev... Read More »

Why would you not be able to develop pictures from a memory card if you can see the images on your computer and camera?

Answer Some cameras require that you save the picture to the card. If you don't save them the picture can be seen in the camera or even if the camera is plugged in to the computer.

Can you use the same SD memory card with your video camera and digital camera?

there really is no specific card for either... they are designed to work on both. it is like a thumb drive that only fits in a SD slot.