Would I Look Good With This Famous Person's Hairstyle?

Answer you sorta do look like her. i would totally go for the style and see if you like it. if you don't, then just straighten it. i would totally do the entire hair thing, i think it would look good on y... Read More »

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Display Board Ideas for Famous Persons?

Display boards are effective for conveying information and news to large groups of people. They are useful in classrooms for posting materials that support lessons or ideas in an oral presentation.... Read More »

Why these persons in India famous for:a.Tista Das ,Sohini Bagchi,Bobby Darling ,Revathy Begum Nawauzish Ali?

I would try ("What the hell?")

What is a good song that will lift a persons spirits + BQ's?

Happy birthday HopeThis song will lift your spirits… (((hugs))))

OPEN TO EVERYONE: Why is it so difficult for some persons to admit the good that comes from adoption?

Who has ever said there's no good in adoption?I've always been an advocate for adopting out of foster care. I admire folks like BPD wife for taking on an enormous responsibility and saving a child... Read More »