Would Google be able to answer most peoples questions on here?

Answer Not really, this shows the opinions of many people so you can make decisions. google is more factual. Factual questions can go to google.

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Why don't all of you use google and get the answer right away instead of posting your questions here which cou?

I know, that makes me sick! You don't know how many times I get mad at ppl for that...they want somebody else to Google it for them and just give them the link...pure laziness.

Why do you answer questions on here?

You asked this like an hour ago, but I'll answer anyway :)I answer because it passes the time, and to help others out. Plus, it makes me feel all good inside that I can give advice sometimes and I'... Read More »

What happens if you answer enough questions to get to level 2 on here?

your computer turns to dust and you realize you've gained weight and turned lazy from all the hours you sit by the computer everyday

Do any regulars on here ever answer questions in any other categories?