Would Facebook be ok for an almost 13 year old?

Answer I personally think it is very safe for a 13 year old. If you keep all of your information private to everyone besides your friends then it should be fine.To get her to say yes I would suggest seein... Read More »

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Facebook and almost 13 year old?

I agree with the other 2 people above me, but if that doesnt cut it, i think your mom doesnt understand what facebook IS. she probobly hears on FOX news or something that pedophiles creep on facebo... Read More »

Why would an almost 13-year-old have breasts like a flat board?

Answer Thirteen isn't all that old so I wouldn't worry just yet. Before your breasts grow in, sometimes as much as a year before they will be very tender. This is a sign that your milk ducts are m... Read More »

How would someone who has had problems throughout high school and is behind almost an entire year make it on their own at eighteen or maybe sooner?

%REPLIES% Answer In most states, there is a provision for 'emancipating' a minor- that is, to let them live on their own, away from parents and support themselves. There is paperwork involved and a... Read More »

I had a crush on a guy whos 12 years older than me at my cousin's party.but its almost impossible to see him again. and I've been thinking of him for more than a year. what would u do?

I know it's hard to impress someone that's 12 years older than u so move on and find someone else near your age trust me it didn't work out 4 me =P... Good luck!!! =D Your love doctor,Dr.Wiliams (... Read More »