Would Excessive Transmission Fluid Cause Slipping?

Answer Transmission fluid provides the necessary lubrication a vehicle's transmission needs to function properly. The performance of an automobile's transmission is directly affected by transmission fluid... Read More »

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Does replacing transmission fluid fix slipping?

On One Hand: Replacing Transmission Fluid Prevents SlippingWhen transmission fluid appears brownish in color and exudes a burnt smell, it has reached the end of its usable life and should be replac... Read More »

Can a Blocked Transmission Filter Cause Slipping?

Every automatic transmission has a transmission fluid filter normally made up of felt or a similar material. This filter sits in the sump of the transmission pan and filters the fluid that transfer... Read More »

How to Diagnose a Slipping Transmission?

A slipping transmission is a common problem, especially for older cars with automatic transmission. However, the problem may appear in new cars, and may affect manual transmissions too. The causes ... Read More »